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 FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of registering elwow.net for free advertising?

    Easy to advertise anything in less than a minute and any mobile device and your phone and with one click - easy to preview and modify your ads through your registered account follow up your account details and the possibility of changing the password through the account of the registrar Add favorite ads and watch them later by pressing " Preferred follow-up alerts and messages received by you regarding your ads or follow you offers other ads

  • are all member has their own page that they can set up when they are registered. Can the packages be paid?

    Yes, we designed this for you. Each user will have their own page and control panel. Simply choose the right package for you and manage it through your account

  • Can delete my account?

    This is caused by your violation of the terms of use of the site and the privacy policies provided at the bottom of the page and can contact us if you have any inquiry.

  • What after accepting my ad? Where can I find my ads?

    When you post and accept your ads, they will appear on our website and all the devices of all users of elwow.net immediately after ensuring that the advertisement matches the terms and conditions of use of the site. We'll send a message to your e-mail that contains your ad link and you can click the link to see your ad, or you can access your account and see your ads in your ads. Your ad will not be available on the site if the ad expires (60 days) or has been deleted or deleted by the administration or suspended for violating the site's terms of use. In this case, we will notify you by e-mail.

  • How can I contact with the owners of the announcements?

    When you visit the elwow.net , there are two ways to contact with the owner of the advertisement through the page of the advertisement: the first through e-mail and through which the introduction of your message and one of the ways you want to contact with the owner of the advertisement with you: either your e-mail or your phone number and the owner will contact you Depending on how you prefer. And the second by calling the owner of the advertisement if the owner of the advertisement enter the phone number as a direct contact method. Read all safety rules.

  • What are the benefits of e-marketing? Solutions

    There are many benefits of e-marketing - cost-savings compared to traditional marketing cost - the ability to follow traffic statistics and achieve its goals or access - the ability to reach the Arab and world at a lower cost and faster than any local - remove the obstacles that stood in front of traditional marketing such as place and open the range You can sell your products anywhere you want. - Ability to communicate with the customer within 24 hours a day through the website or social networking platforms. - Our website is an interface, company and exhibition for you on the Internet that everyone sees. - Save the time and effort that has been done in traditional marketing. - Get a great base of customers and offers on your pages. - Can target specific layers of your ad and target your domain - Increase users' awareness of your products

  • I have already registered and forgot my password. What can I do?

    You can enter email or pre-registered, we will send you your password

  • Is there any way to verify messages, which are sent to ads?

    Yes, just go to the your page control panel to see all conversations

  • Are ads subject to review and approval before they are visible on the site?

    Yes, ads are subject to review

  • Is the subscription plan subject to normal and distinctive advertising?

    Getting the Most Out of Advertising and Promotion All registered users can add free ads, if the user wants to publish the featured ads then the user should need to package

  • How do we support your ads ?

    You are now in need of marketing your products in more effective and convenient ways while ensuring rapid deployment in a short period of time. If you are the owner of a commercial company or product, take the initiative now and get the ad in a professional design through the site and the Arab world in the field of e-marketing ... The advertisement achieves everything that is new in the field of advertising and comprehensive services to seek the success of your announcement and draw attention to it by The consumer through the design of advertising in a professional manner distinct specialist. Spread and popularity as the daily visits to thousands of visitors from the beneficiaries of this site, ensuring you quick access to the largest number of interested. The product will appear on the global search engines within 24 hours of placing the ad on our website. The name of the advertiser is included in the online directory within our site through a personal page of his own with all your data and business activities. We also support your ad through our Facebook and Instagram page, which makes this ad a quick spread.

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