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3-The general conditions for the sale of the service

packages options08/02/2018



It will be for each of the terms and provisions mentioned below in the present general conditions for the sale of the service on the site of elwow.net on the following:

The ad: refers to all the elements (visual and textual data, audio, images and graphics) filed by declared under the sole responsibility for the purchase, lease or sale of a commodity or service and published on the website and applications.

Advertiser: Any natural person, published for a particular purpose and non-professional courses (each professional reseller professional account and follow the requirements established by the “professional account”) and gets a “personal account” and publishes announced through the web site and/or applications.  The declared must be linked to the CALCULATED to deploy and manage personal ads.  The dissemination or the presentation of the Ad must be the work of a personal account, its cultural habits and approval within the terms of the Ad.

Applications: the application of cat, funny cats available for download for free on the Android phone from the Google Play store, the application of the iPhone is loaded from Apple Store, allowing users to advertisers to access the site.

The personal account: Free space on the site so that it can log in to the site and applications, which must be declared in any particular created, which can be involved in the management of broadcast and display advertisements and one or more account and can buy a package.

Elwow.net  company which deploys and manages the site and applications, which was founded and registered in the register of commerce and companies headquartered in he added 100-year sufferings of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Customer Service: the service provided by the site and be involved to obtain any additional information from which  this service can be contacted by email by clicking on the link provided on the site and applications.

Elwow.net service: refers to the site services available to users and advertisers on the site and applications.

Location: I mean, the site run by elwow.net company   can be reached from the www- elwow.net   and allows users to advertisers to reach online service as shown in the Terms of Use

User: means any visitor has the right of access to elwow.net service   through the web site and/or applications as well as the right to advise elwow.net service   and can be accessed from various tools packages

“Defines the general conditions of sale” contractual terms that apply to any involvement by the undeclared connected through a personal account, which uses the option to pay the purchase of a package of options packages” website and applications.

Any participation in the paid options and / or purchase a package of options packages stated before, I mean the full and complete acceptance of the “General Conditions of Sale”.


The options package

Participate in one or several options a package BUNDLES. And can be reached exclusively for advertisers connected through a personal account of the site and/or applications.

Participation in the options package paid only in one ad.  As a result,.. Nor can transform what is charged in the Ad to another ad.

It is possible to participate in several options a package BUNDLES driven by the same ad this could be at one time or different times.

The price of each option package paid depending on which option was purchased and category specific deposit.  According to the Fee Schedule Payment options by category.

The advertiser acknowledges and agrees that any ad is placed in a category that does not match the product or service provided may be deleted at any time by the site without any compensation or the right to recover the amounts paid for the purpose of participation in the paid options.

Be ads on the service of elwow.net   in chronological order, in accordance with the date and time published.  Accordingly, an undeclared acknowledges and agrees that the presence of announcing

Purchase a package BUNDLES exclusively from the personal account, its cultural habits.

The package bundle options allow participation in one or more of the options paid as described in article 5 of these general terms and conditions for sale.

The balances are attached personal account options package purchased and cannot be transferred to another account.

The options package paid to participate in the packet can be options packages paid by any undeclared connected calculated PC, from website and applications:

  • The Deposit button when developing or amending or extend the ad
  • At any time during the broadcast of the advertisement, either from “My Ads” tab in the personal account, its cultural habits or page of the Ad through the “publish” button

It may not buy additional photos “package”, but at the time of the depositor to modify or extend the ad.

Could not participate in the package bundles  only during the broadcast of the advertisement, “My Ads” tab in the personal account.

Any undeclared connected through personal accounts, from my merchandise” tab to participate in the offer to buy the package options in article 6 of these general conditions of sale.

Options can be purchased at the time of the deposit of the package ad or participate in one of the payment options packages

The following package paid package options

  • “Packages ” package of 6 (six) months,
  • And “package ” package for 3 months,
  • And the top of the list for 7 days”
  • And “the head of the list each day for one month.


  • The amendment of the personal account does not lead to the extension of the term of the option (Mada) paid package options.
  • Deleting the personal account to delete any ad (ADS) attached to this account (or the same email address), and therefore no choice (Options) driven by these ads does not appear there is any right to restitution or compensation funds, stated recognizes this and accepted.
  • When you delete the ad (either because of the declared or Because the elwow.net company, especially in the case of the offensive content) or the expiration of the publication of the Ad the option paid “packages” package options from its effects.
  • All the “package ” package validity period of 6 months, which starts from the day of purchase.
    Warning: do not lead to purchase new package ” to the period of validity of the new period of 6 or 12 months of the balance of the previous stated.  As a result, any unencumbered balance will be removed and the user before the end of its validity period of 6 months from the personal account, its cultural habits, without the possibility to recover compensation for him.
  • Deleting the personal account to delete the stocks associated with this account.

5.1 Amend the ad

This option allows you to modify some of the fields of your ad:

  • Your Name
  • Your phone number
  • The title of your ad
  • The specific sub-category of information (the year of manufacture, the number of kilometers, the capacity of the engine,…)
  • Description
  • The price
  • Images
  • Postal Code
  • The name of the city
  • Elwow.net reserves the right to refuse or delete any ad by the stated rate is not compatible with the elwow.net
  • In the case of elwow.net refused   to disseminate the Ad as amended, will be sent to the e-mail message to inform the declared refusal of announcing it.
  • If the publication of the Ad it will be included in the spot at the top of the list on the web site and applications.
  • At the end of the package Package: an email is sent to the announced end of the Authority who participated in this option
  • The Ad does not delete the package BUNDLES to the end of the validity of the package bundles in other ads in the account.

Not the end of the package BUNDLES to delete the qualifying ads that have been entered into this package.
Deleting the personal account of the end of the validity of the package ads immediately.

Price applied are those in effect on the day of the purchase option (Options) pay or view the funds from before.  Elwow.net reserves the right to modify its prices at any time.

7.1 The options paid

That could be to participate in a choice or an options package by any undeclared connected calculated PC:

  • By credit card from the site and applications;
  • Through the provisions of the site and applications.  If the insufficient balance, its cultural habits completion can be paid through the payment by credit card.

Payment must be made upon participation in each option is paid.

Any involvement in option paid by credit card will send an invoice to the email address indicated by the declared in the time of the deposit of its ad.

Any involvement in the options package paid will lead to send to the email address indicated by announcing at the establishment of a personal account.

Any involvement in option paid by credit card and lead to send two letters: the first email invoice, return to pay by credit card, mail II contains the proof of purchase funds.

The invoices and journal vouchers will appear in the personal account.

Can declared, “my merchandise” tab, download, in PDF format, his bills and supporting documentation regarding participation in the paid options.

7.2 The purchase of a package BUNDLES

The balance of the  package is purchased options package by credit card only, by any undeclared connected calculated pace.
It will be the date of the purchases of credit available from the personal account.

Can declared, “my merchandise” tab, download, in PDF format, for the purchase of the appropriations bills.

7.3 Restitution and clouds

7.3.1 Payment cannot retrieve the assets of a package BUNDLES

The option payments are non-refundable.

In the case of a deletion of the Ad

But if the site was forced to delete the ad published because of non-compliance with the rules of the deployment of special service because its content considered offensive, no, not a package package and payment options purchased when providing or modify the ad because they are classified as permanently reentering being deployed.

In the case of Delete to delete personal account

Delete Personal Account involves the removal of any ad or (PICTURE) attached to and, accordingly, the removal of any payment option to purchase these ads were not granted the right to any restitution or compensation, and recognizes the advertiser so accepted.

Deleting the personal account to delete the stocks associated with, and does not give any right to restitution of funds, stated that acknowledges and accepted.

Do not feel any responsibility for the site in the event of non-implementation or poor implementation, either because of the advertiser, or the situation of force majeure.

Apply these terms and conditions from 08 February 2018.

موقعelwow.net reserves the right, at any time, to amend all or part of these terms and conditions.

And the advertisers to engage regularly with the service center to learn about the changes.

If it is proved that any part of the illegal or invalid or unenforceable, for any reason, the other provisions are not abrogated, without questioning the validity of the other provisions of the site will continue to apply between the advertisers, but if a condition of vigor and decisive that led one of the parties to participate in the option to pay.

All complaints should be addressed to the Customer Service site.

The service center is governed by international law and the law of the country.

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